Handling A Corroded Panel

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Electrical panels are rarely a big concern for homeowners until they start noticing problems. Things like dimming lights and outlets going in and out are common problems you could be experiencing when your panel is experiencing issues. One of the most common problems electrical panels will experience is corrosion. This is due to a number of different factors and it can be dangerous for your household. Not only that, it can interrupt your service as well. The main reason for corrosion on a panel is moisture. As moisture collects around the box, it can then cause your wires to oxidize. When it comes to a corroded electrical panel, you need to handle it quickly before the situation becomes more dangerous. Here are some things to consider in order to avoid corrosion.

Keeping Moisture Out

Since moisture is a big concern when it comes to electrical panel boxes, it is your duty to keep the moisture away from it to avoid corrosion. In order to do this, you need to keep water away from any wiring both inside and outside of your home. You should check for leaks in your walls and foundation where water could get in and cause moisture buildup. When it comes to avoiding moisture on the outside, you want to make sure rainwater or water from your garden does not collect. Any exposed wiring should be covered to help avoid getting wet. 

Inspecting Your Box

Neglecting your electrical panel box can lead to many problems. In order to keep it from doing this, you need to inspect it often. Check inside and outside of the home where wiring could be exposed to water. This can occur commonly in your outdoor lighting, smoke detectors, and even garages. By doing periodic checks around the house, you will be able to identify issues earlier and avoid further damage from happening. If you do find corrosion beginning, you will want to call a licensed electrician right away to repair it. 

Sealing Your Panel and Wiring

One way to avoid moisture buildup on your wiring and panel is by sealing it. Using a dialectic greaser, this will help seal off the wiring so that moisture cannot harm it. If you feel competent to do it yourself, you can clean the wiring by using electrical contact cleaner to remove any corrosion or debris. You want to cut off the electrical supply before cleaning it to avoid electrocution. Contact a local electrician, like McDonald Electric Ltd, for more information.