About Home Electrical Problems & Getting Repairs Done

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Are you tired of the circuit breakers tripping in your house all of the time? It may be time for you to get your home inspected by an electrician, especially if it was built a long time ago. Find out below why your house is experiencing electrical problems, as well as what it will cost to hire an electrician to make repairs.

What are the Reasons for Home Electrical Problems?

One of the common reasons for a home to experience electrical problems is due to it being old. Old homes are not equipped with the wiring that is necessary for handling modern power demands unless upgrades were made throughout the years. Your circuit breakers are likely tripping because you have too many electronics plugged in at the same time. You must keep in mind that circuit breakers are designed to automatically turn off when there is a fire hazard, so they are only doing their job when tripping.

You must unplug some of your electronics until you get the electrical panel in your house upgraded. An electrician can add more circuit breakers by installed a sub-panel, and he or she can rewire your house to handle a handle more voltage from outlets.

It is also important for all of the wiring in your home to be inspected to make sure the circuit breakers were not tripping due to damaged wiring. The damaged wires must be promptly repaired to prevent your house from burning down. An electrician can inspect outlet covers for discoloration and melting to get an idea of if the wires have been overheating. The power cords to your electronics will also be inspected, as faulty wiring can lead to them melting or developing shorts.

How Much are Services from an Electrician Estimated to Cost?

The overall price charged by an electrician will depend on what is causing the circuit breakers to trip. Upgrading an electrical panel to at least 200 amps can cost at least $1,300 or more. You can end up spending up to $4,000 if you want 400 amps. If you have an average sized home, you can expect to spend a minimum of $3,500 or more for it to be rewired. The complexity of the task will be factored into the price. Get in contact with an electrician, like those at PWPC Electrical Services, so he or she can troubleshoot your tripping circuit breakers and make prompt repairs!